MEET OUR NEW PUPPY! *coolest name EVER*

Am 23 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
MEET OUR NEW PUPPY!!! his name is.... the coolest in MY opinion :') more to come soon!!! i love you, say it back
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  • I love how your family engages with one another! ❤️ Have you considered learning Spanish as another way to strengthen your bond? We would love to partner with you!

  • this is random but I love your voice soooo much😭🥺☹️🥰


  • Maybe you should check out if everything’s alright on Mateo’s school bc recently he doesn’t wants to go

  • Which cam do you use for filming?

  • Where did Disco go in the new videos? Does anyone know?

  • For your fridge clean the filter and try the crunchy min Lenny and Larry’s cookies there in a bag and there better

  • When you watch to many web dramas and kdramas who can't watch a English video with out subs

  • You have such nice hair! Also congrats in the new family member

  • I have one doubt where is Tony I want to see you both guys

  • You’re talk about going to the gym motivated me so much. You’re so real and down to earth ❤️

  • The new member is so cute!!!! Wishing all the luck

  • ❤️

  • Mayor is such a cutie. I love his personality 😫🥰

  • Isn't your other doggy sad

  • “Yes I am wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday because... I own it” 😂same

  • He actually does look like Messi's 2 nd son Mateo🤩🤩

  • Who would thumbs down to ur amazing vids? No freakin way 😅... I'm a single mother of a 15 year old daughter and ur doing such a great job 🥰🥰 pray for your safety and happiness always...much love from Malaysia.

  • Um please when he said what if i fart and blast off all the way to space😂😂😂😂I’m wheezing😂😂😂

  • The lil boy....he is soooo cute When he speaks ..adorable He is the custest child🤗

  • When will the new video be posted in a week?

  • I thought the time changed fucked me up too! I'm glad it's not only me

  • Wow never thought of making eggs in my tiny waffle maker 😱 now im gonna try it out 💕 btw love you guys!!

  • aww disco is so cute. I have a Maltipoo and when he was a puppy he was very lazy I would try to go walk with him and he would just lay down in the street while trying to walk him. It is hard having a Maltipoo or maybe I'm just saying this because it was my first dog. Oh and my puppy's hair was black for like 7 or 8 months then his hair turned grey its so weird.

  • I’m surprised that your landlord allows dogs in the flat. Dogs don’t belong on apartments. They need a garden to play in. Especially a big dog like your first white one. If they don’t have a garden they need at least two hours of walking per day. Which I doubt you have time for. Anyone can have a dog but only some will care for and give that dog everything it needs to stay healthy.

    • I take very good care of my dogs. Just because I don’t show myself walking my dog and making sure she socializes doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen :) take care

  • 🤍🧸

  • Jelian ur looking so in shape its making me feel motivated lol

  • how dare the 39 dislike not listen to Mateo! HE 🔈SAID🔈 GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP👍NOT A THUMBS DOWN👎🏼

  • You look so cute when you do your hair ❤

  • I love you too mateo

  • Love you baby :)

  • “I feel like on my grind again” YES love this energy and your videos!

  • I loved the quote 😂😂💖💖

  • my 16 year old stays having me enter shoe raffles I had to do one today for some not cute yeezys.

  • You need to put a new filter in the fridge that's what happen to mine. you can order them on amazon

  • Your voice reminds of KAT from Casper 🤔 or idk if maybe it’s just me but you also look like her ? Idk lol ok bye

  • Who remembers hey jelly beans

  • Kerrygold butter the best of the Irish 🇮🇪

  • mateo is funny i died at the "fart and blast off to space joke"

  • at 5:50 you look so much like your mother

  • I wish Mateo's was of my age so that I could hit on him. He's such a gentleman and handsommmeee 💕💕🥺 Love from 🇮🇳

  • I know it's a lot of responsibility on one person, a kid, 2 dogs.. and ur on ur own discovering urself.. just don't abandon any of the dogs or send them to a shelter, if things get tough

  • i am literally crying, ur son is way to cutee and so adorable omfg

  • The water pressure is most likely because of your water filter in your fridge! You’ll probably need to replace it! :)

  • Its been a year I see your videos ,I just have to say you're really a very good mother .I love Mateo❤️ the best baby boy

  • Love you sister from India please give me a heart....

  • Hey babe my fridge does that when I have to change the filter ! If you change the filter it might help!

  • Did you change the water filter ? We have to change mine every 6 months.

  • Loving the irish butter lol 😁

  • Love youuuu and mateo❤️❤️

  • So 🥰 cute

  • Loved that motto you coined, haha! "Today I can't. Maybe tomorrow I will." Resume material*

  • Honestly.. I couldn't be happier, it's like you sense when my mood is in shambles and then 💥 you cheer me up with your videos 😅 I don't think I've ever been this invested in any DEname channel before so thank you for being there ❤

  • Mateo is growing up so fast. That's crazy

  • My favorite DEnamer!!😫😭 cutest puppy. I wish I could’ve said hi when I saw you because I went to the same place to adopt a pup, but you know... social distancing ughh. Regardless, happy for your family’s new addition

  • Risee and shinee

  • He lost his armss😂😂

  • What do you put on his hair? I have a son the same age as Mateo and I need something for his hair. Any advice on a product that I can use on his hair? My bf has gel but gel was just drying his little scalp. I’ve bought some “baby gels” but they don’t work on his hair. His hair keeps going to the front (since it’s so straight).

  • "I don't like having dairy .. unless it's icecream ..or cheese"

  • “Your phone always goes like rise and shine” 😂😂💙💙

  • "Bye ugly" stays constant ❤

  • You might have to change the filter on the fridge. my water pressure was really slow as well after I change the filter it was faster

  • Hey jelian How is your mental health ?

  • 13:01 Tell me you have a boy without telling me you have a boy🤣He is so silly it's adorable

  • Ok jelian just wanna ask ARE YOU ON DRUGS?? LIKE HOW ARE YOU THIS ENERGETIC IN THIS VIDEO???? love the vibe tho

    • you can be energetic without being on drugs wtf kinda question is that?

  • Change the water filter in your fridge! Google the model of the fridge and the type of filter should come up! They sell them on Amazon! I got you!

  • maybe it’s time to change your water filter

  • I love Mateo’s heart. He is so sweet

  • Plz change your doesn't focus......

  • Can I tell you something?? You are an inspiration for a lot of women. You are young, raising your Child, your own house and pay your own bills. ✨✨✨👌

  • Why i love this baby so muchhhhhh💜💜💜💜💜

  • A request can you do a vdo of 24 hrs someday...pls😀

  • Aww, your little family is growing! I respect you so much for dealing with all your responsibilities as such a young mom you are doing so great!!! great job jelian, love following your journey 💜

  • My god mateo looks so grown up🥺

  • Oh Jelian 😂 your mental health is so relatable, love how you try to be the most authentic version of you for us to see ❤️ love to Mateo, my little sensitive Sunshine 🌞 & to Ginger&Disko!

  • Tell me you’re from Miami without telling me you’re from Miami.... *green Flanigans cup*

  • I think the issue with your water is that it’s dirty and clogged

  • Try pulling out the fridge a little. Sometimes the water line gets bent.

  • 1:03 change the fridge's filter

  • For the first time I felt sleepy

  • You probably have to change your water filter

  • I see a lot of people but still think you and your child are the cutest 🥰

  • DISCO is such a cool name, such a cute lil fam

  • Are schools open there?

  • And why is she always complaining about how done she is with her life, how anxious she is I mean she doesn't even have a real job. she wakes up whenever the hell she wants to, decide if she feels like sending her son to school or not and then she just starts crying about her life she doesn't have to do anything except film a video, edit it and Upload it.

    • @izzy west because i actually look forward to her uploading a video. Ive been eatching her since she was pregnant with mateo. So when she uploads a video, i come here, just to find the same old lazy vlog

    • @Noe Montgomery then why are you watching her videos if your so upset by them lol ?

    • @Jelian Mercado oh honwy u REALLY think its not easy. you literally just have to record a day in your life and put it up AND BOOM u get paid. And it not like u do something great. U. Literally. Just. Vlog. The same old vlog we see every week.

    • then do it. it pays good and if you claim my job is so easy, do it ;) I dare you to. I didn’t realize you live with me and know what my day to day looks like.

  • Why are ALL her videos the same nowadays. She just lazy vlogs a week, part of her days, compiles it and just shits on youtube. Unsubscribed. And btw I've been watching u were pregnant with Mateo. Im so annoyed after watching this video.

  • For how long have you been personal trained?🥰

  • The puppy is so sweet!Congats who see this comment🏆💪Can I get pinned plsss!❤️😇😘😍

  • I really missed Valeria in your vlog today 🥲😭

  • Where’s the video where she hurt her toe and caught on camera? Also where she almost joined a cult? And where she talked about about how the relationship with her mother has changed?

  • Discooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anyone else notice Mateo accidentally poking his eye in the first 3 seconds of the videos

  • Such a Adorable puppy! 😊👍

  • Just so u know! Ur not supposed to floss after u brush ur teeth. You’re supposed to do it sometime throughout the day. My dentist told me that it takes away the benefit of toothbrushing or something

  • Now that’s a beautiful family right there💜😍

  • Mateo is so cute 😭💕

  • I’m gone keep saying this.... Mateo looks like a mini Bruno Mars 😍 love you both 🥰

  • it MATEO for me everytime!

  • ☹️☹️☹️ where is your girlfriend ☹️

  • She sang Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape and now I like her even more...