What I Did When I Was Mad *embarrassing*

Am 6 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
This week on the jel + mateo show: a failed raspberry snack, funky pants, new phone, and a cute lil fam day :')
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  • But why did Mateo look like a baby Bruno Mars in his photo shooot😍😍😍😍

  • dename.info/film/nNR5ga6V2Xhmq6U/video

  • You were only able to pay for college, your car, your apartment and your life because of Mateo. You exploit him to make a buck. Are you not aware of the p-dofil-s that watch your child? Do you care about his safety? Probably not. Did you know child photos from FB, insta and other social media are being sold on the internet? Ever hear of the dark web? You have videos of your child in the bath tub. Even if his privates aren't exposed, you're still allowing him to be seen by evil people.

  • 💕

  • Chocolate is supposed to be heated up in 30 second intervals

  • Omg Mateo is literally a model 😱😍😍

  • Are You Indian?

  • I miss you start with jellibens

  • Would be a dream come true if j had a iPhone! Sooo lucky

  • Um Jel and val don’t follow each other on Instagram?? Did they break up?

    • @Meggy Silva they’re following each other again 🤭

    • @Sara Joyous she doesn’t follow her anywhere not even twitter :( just checked, I hope she’s okay and that they didn’t end it because of homophobic reasons bc ages ago Jelian mentioned some people on her family not really being ok with her being bi and I think even her relationship with her mom wasn’t 100% but I hope if they did break up it wasn’t bc of third parties 🥺

    • @Meggy Silva wait Val doesn’t follow her on tiktok now?! Also Jel Ian’s Valentine’s Day story was just a single glass of wine, but she often posts Val on her story..!

    • I CAME TO THE COMMENTS JUST TO SEE IF SOMEONE NOTICED! I might be wrong but I also can’t find any pics of them together on jelians insta and she doesn’t follow Val on tiktok 🥺 like what

  • When is ur nxt vlog coming up

  • Love your vlogs! What size do you wear in Princess Polly bottoms?

  • Jelian: Complains about getting a new camera Also Jelian: I bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max 😂😂 I love these trio ❤️

  • It would've been so much more easier if you put the Raspberry in a skewer 😀❤️

  • Not opening the door, so polite 😌

  • Jelian Mateo is the cutest little one

  • lmao the Bernie Sanders confusion 🤣🤣🤣

  • love u guys soooooooooo much

  • For the chocolate you gotta put it in a glass bowl in the microwave for 30 secs then stir then another 30 secs. If still not melted add some oil 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • the scene where Val was taking pictures of Mateo is too pure 🥺🥺

  • It’s the Kim possible ringtone for me 😂♥️

  • Love from india ...please give me a heart jelian 🤪plzzz

  • I am not even lieing.. A few days back, I started seeing her videos.. and guess what. I am addicted. I see ur vlogs everyday. Mateo is the cutest kid I have ever seeenn!❤️❤️

  • Mix the chocolate with a bit of butter. Put it in a bowl. Stick a whatever fruit you wanna on a stick and dip them in chocolate. Hope that helps 😉

  • Your chocolate can clump if you burn it or if water gets into it. Most likely happened from the condensation from the frozen berries. :)

  • i think you used to hang out with cam&fam ( correct me if i’m wrong ) but do you still talk to her/hang out with her if y’all did hang out? maybe i’m confusing you with somebody else

  • How did you get the Kim possible beep for texting ?

  • So weird seeing you being outside in skirts etc while us in europe are buried in snow rn 👀🤣

  • How much clothes does one person need?😒

  • Most chill Volga from you as always. I love watching you!

  • What's your age

  • 1:45 DEAD!!! 🤣💀

  • I love how well Valedia treats you❤

  • 🤮

  • Friend soulmates are real we have the same ringtone

  • For the next videos can i get more mateo please and Valeria too and little bit more ginger please, and don't be shy you can make your videos little bit longer. Thank you I Love you mateo, 🤗🤗😍

  • Does anyone know what app can get me the ringtones like her?:((

  • Hey Jelian...try double boiling the chocolate..it should probably turn out to be good

  • I literally watch till the end just to hear Mateo say 'bye ugly' 😂😂😂

  • Omg the Kim possible ring tone! I need it lol

  • Mateo as a model yesss!!!!

  • Jeliii yesss thats PR food girl.

  • Sounds like the chocolate got too hot - you can try microwaving it on a lower power or use a double boiler

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i laughed so hard at the pants fit ooooh gosh clearly the wrong size 💖

  • What is your height jelian?

  • Can I just say it’s so refreshing to see people from Florida wearing a mask😅🙃knew I always liked you for a reason

  • I will only give birth if my kid will be like Mateo 😂❤️. He the cutest ever.

  • 1:45 I died 😂

  • hi jelian, if you add some coconut oil and milk to the chocolate when you heat it, itll have a creamy consistency!

  • The fact that Mateo can pose for a pic.. 😂❤ I'm over here trying to get some lessons

  • Hey jelian, I wanted to tell u that often mental stress is related to gastro issues. Hope it hlps u to understand urslf bttr. Love from india ❤️

  • Jelian posted a video!!!I've been waiting for it

  • 8:52 Yeah i have seen that photo on insta And i saw pic in bikini 👙🤩 Damn cute sexy 💓

  • I have watched 3 videos of yours Camera 📸 focus is not good enough .

  • Mateo at the end is looking like my brother when me and my mom take him with us for shopping 😂😂

  • Mateo is super cute.

  • Jelian n Mateo I really love you guyzz 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️ I'm watching you from last a week but now I'm like I'm obsessed with you 🙈🙈😣 ur story made me too emotional n just I wanna say that u r too great mom 😍❤️ lots of love from India 🇮🇳♥️😘

  • I think Mateo could do with more screen time 🥺

  • For the chocolate try adding a little bit of milk and heat it on top of a double boiler. It takes a little longer but it comes out so smooth.

  • Mateo singing P!ATD 😍😍😂

  • Mateo is a total model! Lol he’s the cutest!!! & Jelian I love seeing you so happy!

  • girl we have the same text ringtone and i thought it was my phone going off 😂

  • Look he is feeling himself lmao

  • Jelian needs to open a P.O Box!!!!!

  • When your phone went off i thought it was mine 😊😆

  • Amoooooo🥰

  • thank you for the video 🥺 i hope you’re doing okay ❤️

  • I also follow Ticktock recipes lol

  • Con lo que uses te vez hermosa Jelian! ❤️

  • Is this video edited by someone else? Like Val??🌚

  • What is that application? Where she sells her clothes

  • When the chocolate turns into that consistency it's because you over cooked it. If your doing it in the microwave make sure to do it in small intervals, like 20 seconds, stir, 20 seconds again..


  • omg was that the kim possible ringtone i hear? 🥺

  • Your hair looks *bomb* in this video! I missed your natural curls and I think towards the end of the video your hair was so smooth and shiny! Loved it!

  • Pro tip! Just put a single (or two, you do you girl) chocolate chip inside the raspberry. It's pretty much made to fit, hehe.

  • ok but the fact that Mateo knows the lyrics to "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" shows that you're teaching him well

  • Love from a snowy Germany 💕

  • El restaurante con la bandera de Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 es el restaurante de Julian Gil el actor y se llama “La Placita”💙 La comida es súper rica

  • i'm italian and im shocked i didn't know they had RUMMO pasta in the US.

  • they are the cutest😍😍

  • I just can’t ignore emo Mateo.

  • Have you tried almond milk for your shakes? Many people don't like almond milk alone but cannot taste it when mixed with protein powder. Might make a difference if you had tried with regular milk!

  • No substitute in the video yet I still enjoy watching your video💕😊 I like your workout outfit. Please always add CC on at your next videos 🙏🏼 #imdeaf

  • Hi Jelian ❤️ I have a suggestion for your camera u should get the canon M50 with the 11 to 22 millimeter lens and if your looking for a good microphone the rode mini mic is good to

  • About the chocolate turning clumpy: i am not an expert but thats basically what happens when you accidently burn it. My best tip for that is heating it in a watherbath very slowly and keep on stirring. But honestly just google "how to melt chocolate" xD

  • What’s the flea market called?

  • Love ❤ from India🇮🇳

  • The pasta is literally from my city in italy that just made me so happy ❤️

  • Mateo is the cutest 😍😍😍

  • Hope everyone is having a wonderful day ❣️🧿

  • Gotta love the Kim Possible ringtone 😁

  • Try adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to the chocolate next time you melt it, it’ll help it set

  • Love you guys . Mateo being a model . Already learning how to take pic...

  • Day 79 asking jelian to do a video making over Val. And another video where Val chooses Jelians outfits!!

  • My dad has been drinking aot of protein powder drinks he got something now in his stomach you should be careful what kind of protein powders you take

  • Jel you could add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the chocolate it makes it more liquidy so you have time to work with it and still hardens in the fridge

  • your awesomee JELIAN!!! LOTS OF LOVE FROM INDIA!!!!

  • What kind of protein powder you drink? I am asking because I used to drink whey and it caused a lot of my stomach issues. But changing to tasty vegan protein would help you

  • Do u guys know what happened to her. A few days back she posted a pic on her ig story. Looked like she was hospitalised???

    • she's probably tell us in her next video