the FUNNIEST grocery haul from a 4 year old + grounding mateo for the first time...

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we went to see our best friends (finally!!!!) + we witness a robbery, get stuck in an elevator, mateo does a grocery haul AND he gets grounded (LOL)
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  • 1:01 I literally just watched the video where Jelian bought that jacket for Mateo before halloween I'm on a marathon.

  • The first video i watched of you was the day in the life of a teen mom 3 years ago. and i'm still here

  • Mateo is now finally looking so cutee..i rememberee his 1st birthday look..he is so cute in small hairs..🤩🤩🤩

  • Heeeere i need to know where did you found the hello kitty I love it

  • I came back to your channel after two years and mateo has grown so much!!!🖤

  • Mateo's nervous laugh got me so bad💖😂

  • he is so precious 🥺😍

  • “When is it a good day to be anywhere“ Everyday mood 😂

  • Omg he’s adorable the way he says traitor joes and he knows what a grocery haul is omg😭🥺

  • The way he says “chicken? Raw chicken” and “tater tops” has me rolling 😂❤️

  • You are single mom??

  • OMG Mateo is the cutest baby ever and Im pretty sure the smartest OBSESSED

  • Where is ur 2nd husband, sorry..

  • Mateo is so precious because he’s raised by a queen with such a angel soul

  • Ya ayakkabıları çook tatlı coğrafya neden kader ağlıyorum ama kaçıcam bu ülkeden kendime söz

  • Mateo changing the topiccc isss sending mee loll he is awesome

  • Omg I just saw your old video from 3 years ago and he was just a baby and now he’s talking🥺 I didn’t cry y’all did

  • Jelians videos are awesome you guys should go check out solmari sanchez's channel she has good family content too

  • I- when he said “Bye ugly” MAH HEART ❤️

  • Omg! He's too cute 🥰

  • Your videos give me so much motivation especially with everything thats going on the world, love your channel and your killing it at the mom game

  • What a cute and adorable baby boy😍His so smart .🥰

  • I LOVE when he said tatter tots! My 4 year olds name is Tait and we call him Taiter tot, and he reminded me of that so much, so cute!!

  • I love the way you laugh

  • Mateo is so cute💙

  • * spongebob voice* I don’t need it...I don’t need it...I don’t need it.......I NEED IT baby fever is strong during quarantine 😔

  • Is that Trader Joe’s in winter park? I go there like once or twice a week. Hopefully I can meet you one day Jelibean❤️😭😭 I love you guys

  • I love your videosss💕

  • “they taste like.....gummy bears” OMG he’s so cuteeeee !!❤️❤️😁

  • I love you Mat❤️

  • I seriously love you guys I love these videos God bless all of you ❤️❤️❤️

  • get a hair straightening treatment done!

  • “ guess who’s here.. me Mateo “ 🥺🥺 the sweetest most precious little boy ever

  • Ginger was having a panic attack and protecting him

  • The little dots inside the crocs are for your feet to not slip out when they‘re wet, crocs are often woren at the pool :)

  • mateo is literlly the most adorable kid ever

  • 07:50 they are for accupunture for your feet It help to relive the pain.

  • I love you and mateo so much 😭

  • I feel you on that my daughter always wants a toy or wants something every time when we go to the store 😂😂

  • Mateo is so grown now and so eager to learn!!!

  • That poking thing in your crocs is to give you acupressure

  • God how did he get so big

  • Please post videos more often... I love watching u guys...lots and lots of love from india...

  • Im so proud of you new friend here. Your very responsible and strong determination❤️ keep safe.

  • Where are her black yoga pants from?😭 look so good

  • I want to stay in a refrigerator or something till he becomes a big man so I can marry him 😂 he is such charismatic kid God bless him and you’re a great mamma ✨

  • That was the cutest grocery haul💙💙

  • Mateo is the cutest kid ever!!!😭❤️

  • until sunday i can use the iPad 👁 👄 👁

  • Matteo is so cute im crying😭😭😭😭💘❤️

  • My 28 year old bother takes tantrums 😑😑 we all get used at it 😑😑😑

  • Mateo "mmm, gummy bears" Jelian "did u like them, give us a review " Mateo "they taste like, like *gummy bears" ❤😂😂 So cute

  • What always helped me with my 3 kiddos that are all adults now. Is before we left to the store and before we got out of the car, I would tell them 1 toy or book each and if i wasn't buying them anything i would tell them we are only looking today not buying. They grew up knowing not every trip was for them and they quickly understood. Never had a tantrum in public (only once with the oldest) but learned quickly not to let that happen with the again.

  • Please make a story time video of how you and Val met!!!😍


  • Omggg he is the sweetest kid I have ever seen your so lucky lots of love from 🇬🇧

  • dont give ginger grapes , they can cause heart failure and other cardiovascular issues for dogs

  • Those dots on crocs are good for blood circulation ull get used to it they r nice

  • Instead of dyeing your hair try keratin

  • You got a lil Vlogger on your hands ! So so cute 😻✨ Love Love ❤️

  • to avoid tantrums sometimes I will take a pic of the toy or let them take the picture and say why don't we send it to Santa and it usually helps avoid the screaming idk if that idea might help you a little. but I love you and I love Mateo

  • I have a golden doodle too and he protects me just like that when my brother and I are play fighting 😂

  • Can u pleaasseeee do a hair routine:)

  • Please don’t buy the ready meals... mac and cheese takes around 20 min to make.

  • Please have more grocery hauls with Mateo please he’s so cute love you guys

  • Why does the poor kids wear the muzzle?

  • Mateo and the grocery haul was so adorable!!

  • My son is the same age as Mateo and I have the same problem with him, he wants a toy every time we go to the store 🙄

  • hey there, I have legit been watching your videos for years and to be honest, i don't think you and your new gfs vibes match at all. And maybe Mateo can feel it too and thats why he was saying not so nice things to her. i do love you guys though. I haven't been watching all the videos lately like I used to bc of gfs shakey vibes but Mateo is awesome and so are you. And I love your sister too. I think your gf needs to mind her business about where your sister sits in your house. Sis gets 1st dibs period.

  • Get the fuzzy crocs they are soooooo comfortable 😭

  • does anyone know where she got her shorts from?

  • The ‘nervous laugh’ I can’t ... Mateo is adorable 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️



  • also your outfit at 6:00 was the CUTEST!!

  • whhaaaat i love your hair and i think it looks great natural too!

  • We miss the 'goodmorning jellybeans'😔

  • The balls are suppose to be like a massage for your feet 😂

  • What kind of veg do you pre-chop and freeze - thinking tomatoes at the moment😍

  • They probably have little balls in the crocs incase you go in the water with them on and so they don’t slip off? Or you don’t slip out of them Maybe ? i don’t know 😭

  • Love from india

  • Aawh Your son is sooo cuuutteeee ... ohmygod i feel like cryinngggg❤️❤️😭😭😭 he's so so cute. I wish I could hug him. Lots of love i wish I also get a baby boy like him in future. Hehe😍💞🐻

  • Anyone know where she got those comfy tie dye pants she wore when Ginger was defending Mateo?😂😍

  • 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Mateo is so smart.

  • Who would like to see Tony again

    • brunette queen Mateo wouldn’t be here if He if it wasn’t for him

  • Mateo is so funny🤣🤣

  • Instead of dying it back or whatever, why don’t you do the curly girl method with your curls? Then in between wash days, just wet your hair with a spray bottle and add some curl cream and an oil to it? That would help your hair tremendously! 🤍

  • What would you do if Tony came back into your life n wanted to see Mateo n stay n take care of him

  • Mateos grocery haul was the cutest🥺🥺

  • If you wear the Crocs with Socks you wont be Able to feel the little Balls Pocking you

  • ♥️♥️

  • Ginger protecting Mateo was Hilarious

  • She was mad because of a stuffed animal

  • Who is the girl in the passenger seats in the beginning of this video

  • "BLINK!!"

  • I'm actually melting at how adorable and precious Mateo vlogging and doing a grocery haul❤🧡💛

  • Omg I really loved this videos ❤️ he’s so big 🥺😭

  • Omg where did you get the cute hello kitty stuff animals for your car from ?

  • I love Ginger!