why I was in the hospital.. | forcing my gf to get a haircut and the best day ever

Am 21 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
oh my god what a few weeks can do to your life...
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  • so i dont have time to watch the video now but is she ur gf did i read that well in the title bc if so eeekkk!

  • @Valeria: as a more masc person, it took me such a long time to figure out the haircuts I felt good about. Your new haircut looks really nice, but if you're not comfortable with it, that's totally fine, too. Nothing wrong with wanting a bun or with getting more masc looking hairstyles. You'll figure out your style one day and won't need to rely on your gf for it anymore :) All the love, though. And if you do love the new haircut, also awesome! Just saying cause you looked kinda uncomfortable with it and that felt relatable to how I was with my long hair, back in the day.

  • Your vlogs are so homeyyyyy💕💕💕☺️☺️

  • Just do a braid out for heartless styling. Just 2 on three braids on damp almost dry hair. if it’s too defined for you, wide tooth comb and use a defining creme or simply aloe Vera gel. Our textures are super similar and that’s my go to for styling !

  • "I wonn!!" "No you didint" i died

  • You have a girlfriend nowww. It's been a while sence I seen your videos. Wish you well❤

  • U seem to be young angry tired yet hardworking women

  • dename.info/film/nNR5ga6V2Xhmq6U/video

  • You were only able to pay for college, your car, your apartment and your life because of Mateo. You exploit him to make a buck. Are you not aware of the p-dofil-s that watch your child? Do you care about his safety? Probably not. Did you know child photos from FB, insta and other social media are being sold on the internet? Ever hear of the dark web? You have videos of your child in the bath tub. Even if his privates aren't exposed, you're still allowing him to be seen by evil people.

  • Mine sucks every time

  • This girl was with a guy at first.. now with a girl... and people want to say people are born gay... get your head out of your ass!! Sad she has a kid and will see this in his life

  • Mateo is so cute and he's getting so big. And you seem like such a great mother to him! Here's to channels that value diversity and inclusion for all families. We are excited to join your community with a subscription.

  • Whos her bf???

  • Hola prima yo también soy apellido Mercado y me gustaría que me ayudes a crecer mi canal de DEname, por favor!! 😃🙏

  • 13:32 brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷 isso aí;)

  • Why are you gay?

    • @Mw V Yes, she went gay because it was hard for her to be a single mom at her age. Dating boys would be hard so she chose to be like this. That's what it seems like. Still I wanna know why

    • So, why are you asking this.. like there would be an reason that someone is gay, seriously🤷🏽‍♀️😣

  • Hi

  • Mateo is so dramatic, it's so cute

  • Try blow drying your hair with the ribbon still on so it sets the curls

  • I love your voice❤️

  • Where did you get the stand for taking photos?🤩

  • new vlog we want i am from india [bharat]

  • Where are you necklaces from???? 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • the stingray part 🥺🥺🥺❤️

  • How can I see what she is selling on Depop?

  • so pretty gerl👄👄👄😍

  • When i met my girlfriend she had long hair and she had always wanted short hair! And i gave her the confidence for her to go short short and now she feels like Herself 🌈🌈🌈😍😍

  • I love y'all together!!!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • Seriously, love, better to be embarassed from being over-dramatic than on deaths door! You just never know...!!!

  • Okay but you should let Mateo do a day in his life...Or have him just do a normal vlog because he’s literally the CUTEST 😭

  • I had the same thing happen to me, worst pain ever

  • Mateo is so adorable! He reminds me a lot of my own nephew 🥰

  • i loveyou so much such an icon

  • I love Mateo having his own little segment in the vid, it's great!

  • i am so glad your feeling better Stay strong mama

  • You did such a good job raising mateo , I'm impressed

  • Love you jelian and I miss your goddd morninggg jelebeannnssssss... Mateo is the cutest kid.. and valadia is my fav😍😍😍☺️☺️

  • Girl! I LITERALLY was in hospital at the start of February FOR THE SAME REASON!! They kept me in, tried to see if it was an appendicitis, and when it wasn’t they were like “you had an ovarian cyst that burst”😭😭 (I always wonder if people are doing the exact same thing as you somewhere else in the world and you just proved my theory to be true😭)

  • The competition trick always work lol me and my son always do a challenge 🤣

  • I’ve has two ovarian cyst burst and ended up in the hospital both times. They are no joke 😖

  • Okay Valeria!! 🔥

  • Lmaooooooo bro me and jaylee stay putting just dance on DEname wow I miss y’all 🥺

  • Glad you’re okay 🤍🤍🤍🤍 send link of that candy 👀

  • Girl yes,I’ve had ruptured ovarian cysts and hell yeah they suck so much😭

  • For the competition trick : I approve ahah ! My daughter will be 5 in April and everything is a competition 😂

  • That pain is no joke it happened to me a few years ago I panicked

  • hey sis i am from india , tamilnadu , i love ur videos and u r son mateo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We missed you Jel, I hope your pain gets better and you don’t get a surgery later on because it sucks for sure 🙃😣 Do you try to teach Mateo Spanish everyday? 🥺 I would love to hear him speaking in Spanish, it would help him in the future ❤️

  • Girl im trying to find that bra brand you mentioned and I can’t find it ! I need help anyone

  • Omg the competition trick! Haha my dad always did it in the morning “the first who gets ready wins”

  • Val hair is so beautiful, I'm kinda Jelly. You guys together are so cute ❤️

  • Girl Same, I’ve passed out twice cause my ovarian cyst would burst while I was on my period and they were PAINFUL.

  • "George washington" 1🤣

  • ugh I had so bad experiences with doctors and I can understand 💯 what you're talking about and that's why I always wait to be in the worst pain before go to the doctor 😭

  • Who has the link for the curling ribbon?

  • If Valeria gets an undercut she could still put her hair in a bun!

  • I’ve had that before and yes, it’s very painful I’m sorry you, had to go through that!

  • Omg I had a ruptured ovarian cyst in highschool! I literally thought I was dying. The worst pain I’ve ever felt! I’m so sorry you had to go through that too!:((( glad you’re feeling better!

  • My sister had an ovarian cyst and it was awful for her as well. Sending love ❤️🧡❤️

  • Val looks so good!

  • I will have you in my prayers

  • Are you on Birth control? That usually helps. Low hormone ones are better. Also IUD cause scarring that can be painful too. My mom had fibroids on her uterus and those caused very painful cramps and heavy bleeding.

  • we love you and mateoo

  • You guys are so cute I love how you raise him and how valeria treats both of you I love how happy you are !

  • It's so good to see you all happy ❤️ love you babe🦋

  • What is the name of the skims bra you are wearing??

  • That has happened to me multiple times ! I’ve never given birth before, but I swear that pain is like contractions...

  • Robert is here is located in Florida city if you guys ever wanna visits ...

  • Mateo is such a cutie 🥰🥰🥰

  • Unpopular opinion. *actually* menstrual pain/cramps/breast tenderness are not NORMAL and a big sign hormones are unbalanced.

    • And that kid of yours is something else. He is too cute!

  • OKAY This is actually pretty scary I had this same symptoms of yours on Saturday and I was really close to going to the hospital also but decided I didn't want to go the feeling passed but wow that's crazy.

  • Your hair will be less frizzy if you get a bonnet, love your vids!

  • Omg you both looks soooooo cute

  • let valeria to part her hair in the middle it will look much nicer!

  • My bf says they win points lol I'm like points for what though ? We dont get Them anything their too young to know lmaoo 🤣

  • Are you gonna die your hair back darker ?


  • No one: Jel surprising her own self by ordering candies. lol so cute.


  • ♥️

  • ♥️

  • ♥️

  • ♥️

  • Oh my goodness the same thing happened to me 5 years ago! I was at school and I’m so much pain. Felt like I couldn’t walk. Went to the hospital and it was a ruptured ovary.

  • Mateo with his little sting ray has my heart exploding into a million pieces ❤️

  • ah girl I get those all the time! get the blood test for pcos (thats what I have), if you have issues with ur period its likely :)

  • omg that same thing happened to me on my period i thought i was having a miscarriage

  • Jelian: kids are very competitive Also Jelian: I WON

  • You're such a good mom to Mateo.I love you both 💗

  • Mateo always makes me happy

  • You and your videos always make me happy you are such a special person and talented keep going and smile you deserve the happiness love you 💕❤️💕❤️

  • mateo' s bye ugly gets me every time! honestly, i would love to be called ugly by mateo. he is sooooo cute.

  • Omg I had one rupture when I was younger & they had to call the ambulance. I remember how painful it was & it terrified me!

  • Oh I feel so bad for you! I had a ruptured ovarian cyst when I was 13. Worst pain of my life. Pleased you're feeling better.

  • Omg I love valeria’s hair sooo much 🥺🥺

  • Your seriously such a good mom👩‍👦🥰

  • Valeia is so beautiful with her hair down ❤ Also Mateos Dance 😂❤ We missed u jelian and get well soon 😘

  • I literally cannot with Mateo. Like how 😩🥰

  • It’s crazy how similar Mateo and Jelian’s sister look! (sorry I forgot her name)

    • I thought the SAME thing when he was trying the candy!

  • when Mateo said “hey get off me😠” I died of laughter😂