I really regret this...

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  • Mateo’s soo big now I remember when he was a babyyy💜💜💜

  • Raise your hand if you want Mateo's rainbow heart as merch 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Where is the kennel from !

  • I know it’s none of our business but hope the meeting w the lawyer has to do with you filing for abandonment & getting full custody of Mateo. You’re such an amazing mom and dad & one damn strong woman💙

  • girl your teeth weren't even crooked but don't worry my braces looked way worse

  • yas i love pickles

  • „Can I go in disco‘s cage?“😂😂

  • you kinda looking like the dentist girl from nemo

  • Hey Jelian! I'm one of your jellybeans 🤭 I've been following you on your DEname channel since you were 36 weeks pregnant🤰I found out two years ago that we're birthday twins!❤ And omggg I was on cloud nine! My current favorite DEnamer and we share a same birth date!😍 Would you please wish me🥺 it would be like the best gift. Also, a very very very happy birthday to you in advance!💕 And to Mateo too🐣❤ Keep uploading videos,and stay safe!❤ Love from India!🇮🇳 HOPE YOU SEE MY COMMENT!🤞🤞

  • Your Invisalign doesn't look bad AT ALL & I loved the "she didn't choose to be born a DEnamer" 😂

  • God you look literally 16 with them 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m jealous ❤️ your teeth are gonna be more beautiful than they were!

  • IT WILL GET BETTER! Hang in there. The spitting and whatnot DOES stop and you won't have that many buttons for your entire treatment. My guess is because you have an underbite they had to start out with more buttons than you were expecting/is normal. It will get better!!!

  • ❤️❤️🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Can we talk how GOOD she looks without makeup😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺😍😍😩😩😍

  • I can’t for Ginger to be in that tiny crate. my yellow lab would go in my pomeranians cage when she would fit haha

  • Our kitchens have identical appliances & cabinets lol (I live in Orlando)

  • but why u got braces??🤔 I mean I dont see anything wrong w ur teeth they seem straight to me.😆

  • idk why but I love her grocery hauls

  • Mateos reaction 💀🤣🤣. Y’all’s relationship is A1 ! 💚

  • 😍

  • Ugh invisalign did me so dirty like that too, minus the elastics. Done now, but it was hell. Every part of it.

  • is ginger ok or did you try to shave her then quit?

    • @Jelian Mercado poor baby that must have been so stressful

    • lmao no. she was sick and they had to give her fluids through an iv, so they shaved part of her leg

  • Her teeth are already perfect

  • I loveeee pickles they are my life!!! I can literally eat it in one day lol

  • Lmao jelian I’ve had invisiline since December now and other than the rubber bands (I don’t have rubber bands), they’re extremely easy to maintain and r entirely invisible. Any speech issues go away within 36 hours, and it will become an extremely normal part of ur routine soon. The buttons start to wear down a little over time so they will smooth out more, and jsuk they will never feel as painful as the first week set. Also be grateful girl we are lucky to be getting them at this time considering we wear masks 24/7 anyway, eating out in public and things like that u can take them out/put them in under the mask so it’s not as obvious

  • Vals so good with mateo 🥺🥺

  • 2 questions 1.Why the lawyer? 2.What happened to Ginger? She has something on one of her legs. Is she hurt? Love the new makeover of your room It was like old times when you used to clean your house😂

  • If you toke the evil vaccine what Bible strongly warned us about why you wear muzzle?! The vaccine doesn’t protect you so what’s the point? Apart of sterilisation and erase your soul?!

  • the jamming at 8 am lol, as a taurus I feel this haha

  • You should just go back and say u want braces if ur gonna have them for a long time to be comfortable. Am 24 gonna be 25 got my braces at 23

  • Omg!! Where is the new cage from?!! I need that for my dog 😭

  • That table next to your bed is everything

  • Omg didn’t she wear that first outfit when she turned 20 and said she’s no longer a teen mom anymore 🥺

  • Ginger is so well trained, it’s unbelievable!! Absolutely love both of them!!😍❤️

  • This was such a happy and energetic one😁 enjoyed it

  • 1:28 the car drive himself

  • I’m tryna find out what she be using them wigs for 👀🤫😂😂😂

  • i wanna raise my child like you raised Mateo, no shit he is soooooooooooo smart and cute, i cant even

  • I'm wearing Invisalign right now as I am watching this AND I FEEL YOU. felt the same when I first got them, didn't know about the brackets either hahaha but it does get better, you'll get used to it (I'm about halfway with mine)

  • We love you 💘

  • So happy to see you happy girl❤❤

  • Mateo doesnt look like Justin Bieber, he look like little Bruno Mars 🙈

  • 2:36 not me staring at the tablet behind her 🖐️

  • believe it or not, i literally sometimes reopen ur vid so that i can watch ads and u can provide for ur baby, i love mateo and u so much!♡

  • When I got my braces it was also uncomfortable 😂 you'll get used to it very soon, don't worry girl ✌️

  • can we have more videos with ur sister, i genuinely love to see her in ur vlogs

  • I had invisiline too but only wore them at night because you still saw them so much 😅

  • Plss do an indian food taste test video

  • I just got my invisalign two weeks ago!!! Don’t worry the lisp get better. 😊

  • Im super happy this morning cause you have posted a video. Yayyyyyy

  • I luvs your relationshipppp and ya lil familiesssss💕💕💕

  • I want a puppy update 😍😍😍

  • I woke up cause jelian posted 😂❤️

  • Don’t worry ! You will get used to the „braces“. At first I just couldn’t speak normally. But it will get better and to the attachments- I also didn’t know that they would be visible like that.. At first I also had to wear the rubber bands day and night but during the process I just had to wear them at night. Maybe it’s same for you. Always focus on how perfekt your teeth’s will look afterwards!

  • I just love her voice ❤ and also her accent it's just... AMAZING💝

  • I LOVE watching your videos! You and Mateo make my day☺️💕

  • You look pretty in braces 🥺❤️

  • Jelian you look so pretty with braces !! 🥰 I had braces before it’s worth it

  • ❤️

  • The marks you wear boil in hot water there are many germs in this marks

  • I LOVE pickles. I'm putting them myself at home. It's very easy

  • You literally hit the kid jackpot with Mateo lol

  • Mateo is such a Cutie and I love the way he ask permission for anything he wants🥺 Well we all can see how wonderful Mom you are.....!! ❤

  • As someone who is on there 3rd tray, put the new trays in the night before. trust me, it hurts less

  • jelian did her hair and makeup like old jelian🥺❤

  • Jelian your are such an inspiring independent mother😗😗Love from India 🤗

  • Did you train your dogs or did you go to a professional? If you did it yourself, any tips? I have a new puppy 🐶

  • you always look gorgeous!!!

  • the SAME thing happened to me with invisalign!!! I thought it would just look like a clear retainer but they had to put buttons on basically all the teeth, I was so pissed lol but I loved the results afterwards :)

  • “I want to get something healthy” *proceeds to get the largest burrito I’ve ever seen*

  • omg i had invisalign for about 2 years ! also with buttons and rubber bands... they hurt for a while when theyre new but theyre so much easier as an adult to live with and the buttons get removed and replaced and all that you shouldnt need them the whole time!

  • I got metal braces when I was 28 (and had to wear bite bumps for the first 6 weeks, which was torture) and kept them on for 2 years. I kind of miss them. Lol

    • @akekif No...just a little sore later in the day.

    • Did it hurt to put them on

  • you look so cute with the braces !

  • 9:20 Gonna miss that table... I remember seeing it in every one of your Ooooold videos-

  • U have got so much fans from india😊

  • I love your little family! You’re such an amazing momma! 💕

  • Wait, why did she say it stinks in here? Are we missing something? lol

  • Hey girly! Loovveee your vlogs, I think Mateo is the cutest! I also loveee that shirt but I can’t seem to find it anywhere...is there a link where I can find the shirt?? 🥰🥰

  • Yay! I've been looking for a new upload. Thanks, Jelian!

  • 11:30 Whats going on inside her head?🤣🤣 That expression bro 🤣

  • the braces make you look 16 lol

  • is ginger a poodle?

  • ur gf is so mean! im sorry but u deserve better

    • I don't see any real connection between them...

    • @dtx dez also bold of you to assume i've watched them 🤧 heard your cat has a dumb lil tail though lmfao

    • @dtx dez no ❤️ the cats are cute but their owner 🤢 needs some work

    • @trinity collins lol I post my cat videos bc I love my cats. Thanks for the views 😌 you really think I think my 7 views will make me money? 😂😂

    • @dtx dez you literally make cat videos on yt bestie, bold of you to assume that anyone would care what you say. with peace and love, keep your shit opinions in the litter box 😍

  • Your skin is glowing!!!

  • You inspire me so much J, I love you so much.

  • Talking from a 5 year experience with real braces from ages 12-17,it gets better! Also yours doesn't look that bad! And love val for saying that it's not that bad!❤

  • i hated mine when i first got them too, now i sometimes forget i even have them, you'll get used to them and you look great

  • “It’s not bad your so dramatic” 😂💀

  • does anyone know where her bed frame is from?

  • Mateo is the sweetest kid, god bless him🥺💖💖🤲🏻

  • Respectfully, Valeria is soooo beautiful🥺 I love yall together😩❤

  • i really wish i could get all those organic things around here without selling my lungs

  • I want to know more about those wigs 😂😂

  • This video made me so happy, I guess the chaotic spontaneous vibes got me hahah

  • love you 😽


  • I got the Johnson and Johnson the day I was eligible in Alabama at Walgreens 🙋🏼‍♀️😃

  • First

  • I bet there's no fan of you from Pakistan 🇵🇰, so i deserve a like on my comment.... Do i?

  • i got invisalign a couple years ago and trust me it gets better!! you’ll get used to it quicker than you think, just make sure you really keep up with wearing them as many hours in a day as you’re supposed to :)