MOVING IN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?! | try on haul + q&a

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  • Im glad you are taking you Time to figure out your future with Valeria. I would tell you, like a hyped friend. Go for what you want even if you get rejected or even if you have bad days. Because then you'll learn and have good days, and great days!!! You are not alone. Every one has fear of failure and feelings of being an impostor. Just go for it, take deep breaths along the way and the days. You will succeed.

  • I am OBSESSED with her abs ohmygod she’s so gorgeous

  • Hey guys .. what is jelian's height ?

  • I haven’t been here in ages, is she bi?

  • I love julien but i wish she dod't collaborate with a well known fast fashion brand,SHEIN. I hope she supports more sustainable and better brands on her platform

  • girl pleaaaseeee i need a tutorial on that eye look. it is soooo prettyyyyyy

  • Hey Jelian! I'm one of your jellybeans 🤭 I found out two years ago that we're birthday twins!❤ And omggg I was on cloud nine! My current favorite DEnamer and we share a same birth date!😍 Would you please wish me🥺 it would be like the best gift. Also, a very very very happy birthday to you in advance!💕 And to Mateo too🐣❤ Keep uploading videos,and stay safe!❤ Love from India!🇮🇳 HOPE YOU SEE MY COMMENT!🤞🤞

  • I feel you on feeling like a failure and scared to try your career. But go fo it! I had been like that for years! When I was either a hairstylist and now a teacher. But I just went for it! I ended up not doing well as a hairstylist but now I am a teacher and I just took the leap of faith! You’ll be great!

  • My birthday is May 13th and I'm turning 24 too🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰

  • I love your videos, I have been watching since Mateo was a baby and the amount of growth and confidence you have done is amazing. You are an amazing beautiful young woman and a great mother to Mateo 💗

  • You give me such huge JLO vibes lately!!

  • "anxiety is a bitch" yes ma'am 😭

  • I love u !🌈❤🍒

  • How do you do this hairdo please please please make a tutorial on it

  • i haven’t watched her in months and she is GLOWING 😍🥰

  • Wt does mateo thing /or know about u moving one girl friend???

  • Rulesbian bisexual

  • my bf’s birthday is may 14 & mine is june 12!! gemini and taurus combos are the best tbh 🥰

  • Best channel

  • the butterfly pants is really like harry styles

  • Me wanting to try natural wines and laughing at the disclaimer because in the uk we can drink at 18🤣

  • Oh my Soulsister will be so near next year in summer 😄🌞

  • U nd matoo is like best combo

  • To *ANNTREESA JOE* , ngl I love you to the fullest and i badly need you❤️...... It would be so great if you call me😶 . Edit: guys like this comment to reach on top comments section 🙏

  • Italy is really hot in summer

  • Girl you are looking gooooood 🔥 skin, body, hair, everything!!

  • jel: i’m watching you me: I’M watching YOU. 👁👄👁

  • I love jelian she’s so beautiful and kind humble honest ughhh Vals a lucky gal

  • I am going to put another comment right here. What did you just say jelian??? You arent a perfect parent???????? You are one of the best moms i have ever seen.

  • You shouldnt even have that fear. I look at you and i wanna be like you. You are such a wonderful mom and an amazing human being. I mean i'm 19 and i wanna be like you when i grow older. You are my inspiration. You are so many people's inspiration. ❤

  • Girl i live in miami and i’ve been trying to find good thrift stores that’s not goodwill. where do you go. any suggestions please💕💕

  • Yaaasss! My birthday twin! 🥳 I'll be turning 26!

  • Your manicure isnt going with your tan no hate love you

  • GIRL I did the same thing with my cosmetology license!!! Everyone always looks at me weird when I say I’m not doing anything with it. But I’m SCARED, I love to do it for fun on people I’m close with though so it’s okay!

  • Happy Birthday Mateo!!! Byeeee Ugly!!!

  • So happy to hear that you want to come to Italyy!!! 😍

  • drop them skincare videos sis, you look so good

  • Your Hair style is soo good. And Do Q & A with valeria!!! Pretty tops btw ❤

  • Firstly, I am sad you uploaded the video after 3 weeks. I have been waiting.

  • perfect just perfect.....

  • take a shot every time she says wine

  • Ily jel 💜

  • You look stunning, you’re glowing!

  • Please post regularly! I miss you 🥺🥺🥺

  • I love your energy ! You look so much happier and so much more confident and thats really nice to see. I love your channel and would love for you to post more !

  • I like Mateo ..he deserves dad...

  • Jel! If you come to Rome, please tell us before! I can help you plan a bit, being Italians means traveling a lot more then Americans usually do, I’ve been to every Italian city, visited some of them even twice. So I have a lot of tips and tricks, if you don’t please be careful, I love and I’m proud to be Italian, but many many many people exploit turista it has even happened to family friends once. Be careful and sending a lot of love💕

  • Girly I’m so happy for you too! You guys are really cute together 😇 And the way you shine when you talk about Your gf is so cute! By the way I’ll be 25 on May 30th LOL currently pregnant with our 3rd baby 💕

  • I’m a teen parent as well and you’ve really helped me out in the past two years when I was pregnant and now have a one year old. I really look up to you, thank you 💜

    • You look like you’re thriving! I’m so happy for you! 😊

  • Hey im traveling to miami with my boyfriend for vacation in a few weeks, any ideas for us to do there??? btw im 21

  • We have the same birthday!!!!! But ill be 30yo...

  • We need a truth or drink video 🙌🏽

  • Book Request! Can you read “Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae” in your next video please! Thanks 🙏 🙏

  • I subscribed so fast ❤️

  • Love the little family! 💚

  • best mom out there ! lots of love ❤️

  • Please do Mateo's interview part 4!!

  • Now she decides to help me out with a code for discounts from Shein after I bought so much stuff from them😩😭❤️

  • 🥰

  • Girlllll we need a Q&A of you + Valeria 😫

  • I understand you on having a kid young and enjoying your life as a young adult. I had my son at 16 his birthday is also May 25 lol and didn’t want another baby I wanted to enjoy my life with him. I’m 28 and I just had my second son they are 11 years apart

  • 10:50 omg I loved that that top is so pretty

  • Hey queen

  • I’m Italian, Where city would you like to visit? You are amazinggg❤️❤️

  • I found your channel in 2017 and I love to check a few times a year to see where you are and I love it.

  • Loved this video ❤️

  • Jel, u move to quickly.

  • Oh girl I lOve you so much Have been with you since your first video Love you And you inspired me along the way... Love from bhutan 🇧🇹

  • This makes me so happy 😭

  • To be honest i haven't watched your channel in a while, even do i've been subscribed for almost 5 years now. But i am back and i need to say that you are gorgeous. You are glowing and you seem so happy and i love it!

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  • Love that you made it a Q&A instead of just a haul 🥰🤎

  • Girl you can break down skincare products do a good or bad series... like “tik tok” favorites or go to’s we should avoid 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 Hello help us ♥️🤣



  • Just curious, I remember being around when jaun Carlos was with you and was wondering does Mateo still keep in touch as I remember he used to visit him? No hate just curious xxx

    • I know she doesn’t have to explain but we do wonder ya know :)

    • I wonder too because I remember her referring to him as his dad bc it’s true to Mateo that was his dad and no one can change that so I do wonder if he still sees him

  • "Did somebody say hot girl summer" ✨✨ yes queen

  • Jelian, this is so irrelevant but we were born on the same day! i'll be 15 on may 14 and i love watching you so so so much! Lots of love from india!!!

  • You should show ginger and disco more often in your videos😉💓✌

  • 13:50 - what about Mateo’s schooling?

  • You can literally wear everything 💙💙

  • You post after so many days and that too just because you have sponsored content to film! 👍🏻

  • 9.02 top is looking beautiful on you

  • I feel you with the anxiety thing... I've been trying to get my driver's license for two years and nope. 😑 Like you said anxiety is a bitch

    • Same same here girl but wishing you all the and light

  • Love from Kerela 😗😗😗

  • I just love your happy face, exciting voice when you talk about Val! Don't let that smile everrrrrrr vanish!

  • 7 hours late😪

  • The answer to that last question should be the norm. Mateo is so lucky.

  • That moment when you realize that you and Jelian have the same manicure 💅 soul sisters ❤️🥺

  • I love how comfortable and confident jelian is with herself in this video❤️ as a queen should be 🥰

  • You look gorgeous✨


  • yesss do the video with Val !!💕💕

  • I don't know why but somehow your upcoming Italy trip got me excited!!!!!😅😅😅

  • Girl I totally agree! I took cosmetology in high school because I thought it was what I wanted to do . I got my license and everything but never did anything with it but I'm proud I atleast got the license instead of quitting but I definitely let the anxiety get the best if me and I was always afraid to fail so that played a part.

  • We love the gay contenttttt

  • Your face looks soo good! Soo smooth! #flawless

  • Don't order from Shein you won't get your order. I had to literally get a refund my order never arrived when my order said it was delivered 😒 was a little disappointed but honestly it wasn't my lost (Shein)


  • La única persona que no le omito publicidades, abrí la billetera ahí va