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  • I love how open and communicative are mateo with his emotions 🥺

  • Mateo is so cute also his voice is so so cute 😚

  • Does anyone is going to talk about how perfect mateo shows the middle finger? My entire hand closes when I try to show only that finger, and he downs all of them without any effort 😱

  • Mateo is me Everytime me and my mom came back from grocery shopping

  • i cant believe they made u pay 20 dollars to put ur nose ring back in??? all they had to do was sterilize the tool they used and that could not have costed that much xd damn

  • can I have one? 😂😂😭❤️

  • when Mateo said I love u during the grocery haul my heart sank

  • I Remember When You’d Get Shy And Anxious Getting Caught Recording By Other Cars At A Red Light And Look At Us Now Getting Hauls At Red Lights ! Love All The Growth And Confidence 💙💙💙😌

  • how do she talk the englsh so perfect?

  • I am from india l am big fan of u & l like mateo very much.. so cute baby....

  • can we just talk abt how cute they are

  • I got a tattoo recently and they told me the same thing HAHA only one guy in the entire shop was wearing their mask

  • don't do hauls in the car Jelian

  • i have really bad anxiety and when I see matteo i literally just chill out so fast

  • Hi iam in india I love your channel....

  • What happened recently between her and her mom?

  • Mateo is such a mood 😂😂. Almost Everything he picks up can I have one 😂😂

  • girl idk why they dont WANNA GO SHORTER....

  • Mateo is so cute 😍💗

  • He grew up so fast !

  • put matcha powder in lemonade!

  • I hope my child is as cute as him🥺 love to you both❤️❤️❤️

  • I love you Mateo you make my ovaries hurt☺😢 Jellian you're such an Amazing momma!!

  • “Can I have one now?” I love his voice it’s so adorable

  • The story of the cult remembers me of a dorama in netflix called "save me"

  • Where is her necklace from!! I love it!!

  • Awww he melts my heart 🥺🥰 so cute

  • I love Matcha! I make mine with coconut water and a splash of vanilla almond milk !

  • If u want to taste more the matcha u should put more matcha than milk. Or make the matcha stronger (like 1 teaspoon of matcha with 4 ounces) I mix half a teaspoon of matcha with 4 ounces of boiling water. If I do it in a larger glass, I double the amounts. I put the matcha in a glass and add ice (the amount you want) and almond milk, which can be 1/5 or 1/4 of the glass. Hopefully u can understand whay im saying, i haven't practise my english in a while. c:

  • Mateo chokes the hell outta his mommy. Also Mateo: "I love youuu!" Sounds JUST like my husband & I!! 💪🤪❤🤟🤷🏽‍♂️😂☠👩‍👦🤗🥰


  • *"somebody told me that I could take off my mask cuz they don't care about the virus"....i'm sorry but that basically describes Florida as a whole rn*

  • love uu girlieee

  • Was just wondering what jelian must have thought bout her top while editing the video 😅 she’s just so cute !!! She’s the best mom ever !!! 💓💓💓

  • My mom was a single mom too I got all emotional listening to your story and it doesn’t help that I’m on my month lol I give my mom so much props for going through what she went through as well she’s so strong I wish I could give her the world like she did for me growing up.

  • What happened with her and her mom?

  • your videos make me forget about everything in my life🥺

  • Omg Mateo just crawling under your covers while you talked about your new Zara jeans 😩🥺🥺🥺

  • Jelian: Pumpkin chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie mix Mateo: Pumpkin oatmeal cookies 😂😂😂

  • You have me going to Trader Joe’s for cookies 😂

  • Use water and milk in your matcha!! Make sure whichever you mix he matcha powder into dirt is room temperature so it’ll dissolve

  • your amazing

  • I love Mateo 🥺💓 his such a handsome smart little boy 💙 he melts my heart 🥺

  • Im pretty sure that’s inkaholik tattoos 🤔

  • Wow you remind me so much of Christina Ricci

  • i WISH that i lived in america oh my god you guys have amazing snacks

  • Valeria, tell Jelian that if she doesn’t want you drinking Red Bull’s she shouldn’t be drinking coffee 😂😂 caffein is caffein.

  • Why would they charge you just to fix your piercing smh those bastards😂

  • Where is your vote. Sweater from?

  • Omggggg 😍

  • You looke so happy with Valeria 😄

  • HA if I walked into a place and they told me something like that I would just walk right out. 😅

  • One of you is wearing ur mask the other way at 5:50. Haha

  • god bless you and bring you immense happiness every moment spent😊

  • Jelian & Mateo: my favorite duo ✨

  • 👍

  • "Shorter.. shorter... shorter, but she wouldnt go shorter" I thought that was just meeeee LOLOL

  • Mateo is so smaaart !!!!🥺🥺🥺❤️

  • Mateo is sooooo adorable 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Mateo is so cute! 😭😭

  • Before I even seen the end of the video. I was watching the grocery haul thinking about how When Mateo is older. He’s s going to look back on these videos and cherish them. I love your videos and seeing how hard you work to provide and support for him. He’ll forever be grateful for you. I grew up with a single mom there was five of us, so I know the hardships.

  • Love you ur lil fam sm 💘

  • Nose piercing is now a days talk in the town, it's a little bit scary for me but I think I need full courage to do it, anyway I'm just passing by giving all my supports for you idol, try to check my house if you have free time, more power and God bless you idol 🙏

  • I’m from Miami and go to laque house in Kendall!! They’re bomb look them up on Instagram

  • Ice sparkling waters are delicious zero sugar and they have cherry flavors

  • You are such an amazing mommy!!💕

  • y’all are so cute. love your energy. you make me feel happy and cozy. and you’re a wonderful mom. keep it up.

  • OMG I LOVE LINDSAY RAE!!!! You and her are my fav so It’s so crazy that you watch her!! 🥰🥰

  • literally just watched all the Halloweentown movies a few hours ago


  • Lindsay Rae has been making me want matcha too! I just think I’ll make it bad. I love chai tho

  • mateo asking if he can have some of everything is my everyday mood i laughed so much

  • You should try topo chico with limon and salt it tastes so good!!!

  • latina women are so strong. periodt

  • I tried that soda with the black cherry mío and they claim it tastes like Dr Pepper but it doesn’t! It tastes disgusting

  • Yo Trader Joe’s is the HOOK UP

  • This kid is a living meme

  • he’s getting so big

  • Is that her girlfriend

  • Omg where is your 1997 necklace from??

  • mateo is ceo of “can i have one? right now?”

  • “I’m very happy for her” cuts to a sob 😂😂💗 girl, same

  • aren't you supposed to wash and boil face masks before using them....? 🤔

  • How did you tell Mateo about your break up with your last boyfriend , the guy Mateo called daddy. ?? Are they still close??

  • Try the topochico with limon .

  • I got my nose pierced 2 years ago & I changed it to a different color hoop the other day and holy hell it hurt more than getting it pierced

  • what zara pants are those 12:30

  • I love your son reaction🤣 he looked so suprised and confussed it was too cute 🤣

  • I love you and Val so much❤❤❤❤

  • i love you so much jelian ❤❤❤

  • I really love you both ❤️

  • You dont match this hair colour

  • LMFAOAOAOAAO NOT THE CULT 💀😂 ya couldn’t just pray to Jesus 😭

  • 💗💗💗💗

  • Mateo is the cutest when he was doing the grocery hall😆🤣☺️

  • Starbucks barista hack: if you shake your matcha with a bit of water and ice in your jar before adding the milk it'll bring out the matcha taste 😋

  • You should he thanking whoever told you that bc they care about your health more than you even know! Health freedom is under attack a planned attack

  • mateo is so cute ahhahah can i have one? hahah btw jelian you are so strong i really admire you, thank you for sharing your story with us

  • if my kids don't end up like Mateo i don't want them