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  • I like your clothes very nice

  • Mateo is a such cutie baby 🥺

  • You were only able to pay for college, your car, your apartment and your life because of Mateo. You exploit him to make a buck. Are you not aware of the p-dofil-s that watch your child? Do you care about his safety? Probably not. Did you know child photos from FB, insta and other social media are being sold on the internet? Ever hear of the dark web? You have videos of your child in the bath tub. Even if his privates aren't exposed, you're still allowing him to be seen by evil people.

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  • I LOVEEE Watching you video. You’re an amazing young woman and watching you be a young mom, girlfriend, dog mom has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you for being you and letting us see your life! Thank you 🙏thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏

  • I love how chill and careless he was about it haha when he said we should buy more u should have said we can't to see what would happen then

  • Maaaaaan would I love to be friends with you, you're so funny and just the best, sad that I'm from Germany, I would die for a move to America or just a visit😭😭😭💛🙏🏼❤️

  • Mateo is the most well-behaved and compassionate child l have ever seen... The way he forgives and shares makes him to be loved wholeheartedly... I love you Mateo 💙💙

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  • Mateo is the sweetest!

  • Hey most of there Products are five dollars. If we get 15 percent off .that make it free or I’m just dumb but I’m nvm so who cares bye fan of u

  • Your bb is really so cute. I wish I could meet & hug him. If get the chance, could spoil him also. Love you kiddo.

  • Hi Jelian! I’ve been watching your guys grow since the beginning and now me becoming not just a mom myself but a single mom to a baby boy I was wondering if you had any advice for me because if I’m being completely honest I’m TERRIFIED, super excited but still terrified😭! btw any small DEnamers? 🤍

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  • Mateo is just the cutest...I knew his reaction would be adorable 💙💙

  • DONT EVER BUY FROM SHEIN . I have ordered from July and they haven't sent me the package and I have sent them twenty messages and they have robots to answer . And they haven't helped me . They stole my money . Don't order from SHEIN they steal your money

  • Who else are here after janvi di s vlog

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  • I have been watching her vlogs and following her on every social media platform ever since Mateo was a couple months old and all the phone vlogs and now she is almost at 2 million subscribers and I couldn't be prouder of how far she has come

  • He's just so cute ♡ i want a kid like him :') love you guys

  • * them just talking about Halloween* Mateo- ' its ownly thrwee mwore dways" Me- no its 4- wait....* counts* also me- " how he get smarter then me?🤨"

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  • 5:17 HEY!!! Same here! I also use Black opium... it’s the best perfume I have ever used Mateo, Val and u r so cute! Love from India!

  • when i say that was a GEMINI ASS REACTION HAHAHAHAA. changing the subject, laughing, and deflecting but when asked if we care "well yeah, i care" i'm DEAD

  • It’s really strange but Mateo seems Harry Style kid to me. Like they are so similar ❤️

  • I love you but you shouldn’t be bringing your girlfriend around mateo cuz look at your last relationship he’s probably confused you made him call him dad but you’re bringing new people around him if you break up with her? Poor baby is going to be confused who daddy is and why are there so many people I call dad

    • It ain’t to late to delete this comment 🥴🥴

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  • Hey Jelian, love your fashion haul. Have you ever heard about colorimetry? It’s a thing in Brazil now. People are doing it to know about the colours that match they skin tones (like in makeup, but it’s for clothing)... Idk much about it but I realized in this video that some tones suits your better than others. It’s not about lighting, is about how some colours make your skin glows. The darker colours make your skin looks better than the nudes ones (they may you look tired and pale) and the white and black makes your skin glows. If you rewatch the parts and pay attention to that you may realize. This is just a comment, I’m not trying to be rude or anything (sorry if I sound like that).

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  • @jelian I understand it's your job and brand deals give you tha $$$ but if you have the ability I think you should really research the brands you're looking into working with or who have hit you up before agreeing. I can't imagine if the things this brand has done effected your respective culture or religion you would still work with them. Their explanation was lame as hell and seemed pretty insincere

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  • Ginger was like wtf you doing mom

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    • @Haylee W and now you are changing your comment to not look too dumb lmfaoooo

    • @Haylee W have you seen a question mark ? that was a rhetoric comment

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