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homemade sushi and spicy noodles and whYYY are we always eating lmao... also follow my insta ;) @jelian
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  • You guys are making your sister feel like a third wheel

    • Hazirah Ghazali relax! She’s the baby sister, she’s not going to fit in with her adult sister & GF. It’s not that deep.

    • @jelian

    • Jelian dont do that again. Well at least answer her questions. Dont ignored her like that. I've been there and I know how its feel like.

    • Lmao, oh boy. My comment was taking out of context. Didn’t expect people to react this way and definitely didn’t expect this much likes. Regardless, she’s a great mom and no one can take that from her. Love and light always 💫❤️💫 @jelianmecardo

    • J S she can passive-aggressively do whatever she wants. don’t downplay her as a mother that makes YOU look childish for taking it there 😅.

  • Mateo is soooo cute!!!😍😍

  • Is this her girlfriend??? I haven't been watching for a while 😭

  • Your sister got no acknowledgment poor thing😂yall are too cute tho❤

  • i love them together but why did jelian say were going to my friend’s house

  • Wow i think Val is so brave! I mean to be eating spicy noodles wearing a white jumper! That stuff permanently stains things orange!

  • The other day my niece (who I take care of everyday) said to me "you are pretty and cute and beautiful" she also called me handsome but we don't have to talk ab that

  • literally my favorite ever 🥺🥺

  • I eat them all the time 🥺 they’re hotter after you stop but while you’re eating it isn’t too bad

  • 15:04 haha her sisters face lmao 😭💀

  • I eat the fermented soy beans everyday! Microwave for thirty seconds and add both packets. Usually eaten on top of rice. nato!

  • Oml can y’all let her live and be happy?

  • Feels like Mateo and her sister getting less attention, and that hurts me more! :/

    • Also, I'm watching it for Mateo mainly. :)

  • lol "leechee" (Lie-chee)

  • @18:37 “who is like MMMMMMM spicy noodles?!” Me, eating these noodles while watching the vid: 👁👄👁

  • Is she her girlfriend?

  • I miss Tony

  • Your sister is right You guys are nuts

  • Corazón de melón hermosoooo♥️

  • It feels so happy to see her happy with her🥺❤godblessyou guys and i love you so much shark boi❤

  • Awww shark boy ur so cute he melts my heart

  • ive been suscribed to you for like 2/3 years and it feels so comforting to seeing you sooo happy and healthy!!

  • I love you so much! you're one of the only youtube channels that I just leave on and let play like watching tv and I'm never bored I feel like I'm just chillin with you guys!

  • Does anybody know where she got the T-shirt from 8:08 from? :)

  • Everyone in the comments complaining about how they are "ignoring" Javeli... y'all are crazy. We are seeing little snippets of content from their day and Javeli is a teenager. All teenagers are awkward. And if it were something concerning, jelian wouldn't have posted it. And I dont see her being ignored. She is very included and we have seen in the previous video how well she interacts with val. Stop looking for things that aren't there. Jelian looks happy, Mateo looks happy and everyone else looks happy. We have no right to question Jelian and her life choices. All we should do is thank her for sharing snippets of her life with us.

  • she does the funniest things lmao look at my fingers “what’s wrong w you”

  • lmao dab me up 😂

  • either their bond is so beautiful or they were high bc they were weak asf

  • to make dumpling better, steam when until they are soft then fry them with oil:)

  • "The Juices!" "MMMMMMH!"👀👀 "MMMMMMMMH!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 11:59 - 12:41 the chaotic energy they radiate 😂😂

  • Im new to your channel and I love mateos name all I can think of is “matellio” from Jane the virgin he even looks like Mateo from the show he’s so handsome🥺

  • didnt liked the other gilr in this video...jelian you and your sister are other person look good

  • Love is in the airrrrrrr! Love seeing u so happy !!

  • 17:12. That's it. That's the comment.

  • I eat the soy beans n Japanese it’s called noto (not though)

  • Mateo putting away the dishes 😍

  • where did sis get her shirt???

  • Y’all make my day and always making me laugh😂😂✨

  • she looks so happy tbh, I wish you good energy and nothing but love 💗

  • This video is so funny 😂 I love you two together ❤️❤️

  • ❤️❤️

  • “Corazón de melón”🥺❤️

  • Tell me why at time stamp 10:40 when she said hey Siri my Siri says what can I help you with? Like ummmm 😂😂

  • Her relation with tony is so far the best

  • What’s that song called??

  • So sad for her sister... this relationship won’t last..... to bad you didn’t choose the friend in the pink.

  • Jelians laugh is so cute 🥺

  • I laughed during the whole sushi segment lol you guys are so funny 😂😂

  • I am Korean and I literally eat that spicy noodle every single day haha 😄 My favorite is Carbonara spicy noodle and you guys should really try it someday.... Of course you might need to go bathroom very frequently

  • 20:51

  • Your son is very cute

  • “Who eats this and say mmmmm” LOL THAT WOULD BE ME 🖐🏼 I eat it with mozzarella cheese 😭

  • love the song what is it called

  • POV: you're here after her coming out video

  • Damn you guys look so happy together! So happy for you!!!

  • OMG i just realized shes wearing Justin’s merch 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺



  • Let me find outtttt 😁

  • on god my favorite scent from native is the coconut cream one

  • we not just gonna talk about how you posted a tic tok kissing i think her name is valeria

  • Mateo is the cutest!!

  • You forgot it put sushi vinegar in the rice! That’s why it’s so bland.

  • „Dab me up“ That was so cute 😂💙💙

  • „I don’t pay him to say these things“😂😂💙💙

  • Who’s the other girl?? I’m kinda late

  • Does Mateo ever throw temper tantrums or do you just not record them. Just asking

  • I got so happy when I saw Jelian was with a girl lol I'm bi too so I got excited for her, but in this video her girlfriend gave me weird vibes, it's ike she lack manners sometimes and it felt like she didn't acknowledge her sisters presence at times, and I know it's just a snipped of their day but still it felt off.

    • I think overthinking things a bit, they ignoring Jelians sister because their in love and are having a good time I do the same with my boyfriend, she’s just an obnoxious Kinna woman and it’s just how she is

    • Can’t you just be happy for her instead of reading too much into little things in a video that only shows a few minutes of their day? Imagine being happy in a relationship and then seeing comments like this about it. As long as Jelian is happy that’s all that matters, and I’m sure if there were problems then Jelian wouldn’t post it on DEname

    • Same dude I feel like her gf tried to outshine them both, def getting vibes she is probably going to start her own channel 🙄

    • Right but the gf is always trying to include her family like wut

  • Does mateo also talk to his dad now??

  • Jelian is one of the only DEnamers I still like I said what I said

  • No offence but this is just my opinion and everyone has a right to express themselves... but I honestly feel so disappointed in Jelian. Thank god I got it off my chest... and I feel like there is a lot more I wanna say with all the tiktoks n sh** but i'll just leave it like this...

  • Who eats these?

  • When jelian called val her "friend" 👉🏼👈🏼

  • Binod😂

  • Binod😂

  • Jelian has always had a ✨vibe✨ I hope this lasts for her.

  • ,,Sorry i was just seeing how tall i am to my mom''🥺🥺😭😭💗💗my heart melted

  • Who else’s Siri popped up when Val said “Hey Siri show” 💀 scared the crap out of me! But Mateo is so adorableee 😭💞


  • He’s literally the sweetest❤️

  • I was watching kk&babyjs vlog when jelian was hitting 400,000 subscribers & Mateo was just a baby🥺😍😍 ! He’s so big now

  • little buddy is super smart for his age

  • What did he want to tell you though 🥺

  • They will start eating noodles at 17:20

  • Omg 😍cutest Mateo.. I love watching him. The ways he talks looks too cute .

  • Your little sister is getting ignored hard...i feel her😂

  • Mateo is my absolute favorite youtube kid, well child of a youtuber... he is beyond his years with how loving and spontaneous he is with showing love for his mom... Jelian if there is ever a time you feel low watch the footage that you havent posted to youtube of him I know it will lift your spirits... You are an excellent excellent mom.... (ok I'm out... idk seeing you laughing ear to ear n Mateo laughing as well gurlll.... this is a long ass comment wtf 😅😅😅)

  • Wait Mateo is dabbing people up 😭 when did he grow up ?

  • My son new name is catboy lol so i know how you feel

  • I don't like this Val.. Idk why 😶 she seems kinda rude

    • Thought I was the only one feeling that way

    • @D É M O N E ツ yes, they're dating

    • Aren't jelian and Val dating..? That's what I heard

    • @Dominican Baby Bruja can I ask why?

    • you must not be from Miami LOL

  • Give your sister some attention too lmao

  • Jelian are you half indian. I feel so....

  • .1k started cuz of me😁😎🤣

  • To everyone saying tht they ignored her sister.... did y’all watch the vid???

  • Question, are you gay now?

  • where did you get that black lives matter shirt??

  • omg the kiss at the and i'm weak

  • Pls stop with these dumb wannabe gangsta hand gestures. I hope u didnt get that lonely n desperate for friends that u keep up with this girl, who u clearly r not attracted to romantically nor physicly. U cant give people what they want just to keep them around. Authenticity works wonders and truth will set u free. Stay blessed

  • Oh my fav noodles (Ramen) 😍❤️