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  • You were only able to pay for college, your car, your apartment and your life because of Mateo. You exploit him to make a buck. Are you not aware of the p-dofil-s that watch your child? Do you care about his safety? Probably not. Did you know child photos from FB, insta and other social media are being sold on the internet? Ever hear of the dark web? You have videos of your child in the bath tub. Even if his privates aren't exposed, you're still allowing him to be seen by evil people.

  • Mateo’s little raspy voice 🥰

  • Hey weren't u wearing a specs ..hows the power now.. Do u still wear it

  • Mateo is the sweetest little soul 😍 I love how much he loves his mama❤️ well done Jelian 👌

  • ive been here since he was a baby, baby🥺

  • mateo has grown so much dude

  • Jelian:Mateo doesn’t have school today cc: my daughter doesn’t have school today

  • You can use the bottle for an indoor plant like money plant

  • how you removed your stretch marks?

  • The joys of living in Florida. Going to the beach in February while other states are getting blizzards lol

  • Not try to be rude at all I promise Tic tok took credit for the tacos even tho us Mexicans had being know it because we creat them and they are call Tacos De Birria and that's not a dip its actually soup and for your right they're sort of greasy but shouldn't be super greasy & it really depends who makes them

  • It would look pretty to put lights in the bottles! Or layers of different colored sand. Or you could paint it and turn it into a vase for flowers? :)

  • I have genetic dark circles!

  • Looking so cute

  • You can put feri ligths in some of them, i have 3 class bottle with lights in them and i love the look 🥰, its so cute🥰

  • For the wine bottles, I get these little lights on Amazon and put them in the wine bottles and they make cute decorations!

  • If you have good budget, you can get a Sony A6400 or Sony A6600 with 15-45mm lens. THey are made for vlogging ! I dont know the price for them in US, cause i stay in India. BTW, Love ur content and you guys too. Keep doing what u r doing. Love From India

  • You can also use the bottle for cold water in the fridge

  • We love you JEL❤️

  • What did val say?😂😂

  • ❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺🤗

  • Is it only me or does anyone else thought that Mateo sounds different!!!?!!


  • Cutting out red meat and dairy is has helped me, others I know & seen on the internet. Also for the dark circles, they're likely hereditary. My brother and I have the same thing. Drinking lots of water helps.

  • You could use a few as flower vases

  • Oh my god stop with the clickbait video titles already for fucks sake

  • You look so gorgeous Jelian♥️

  • This is simply inspirational mam.You are a teen and acting so matured.I am older than you,still I call you mam for the respect I have.That kid is so lucky.

  • You and your videos always make me happy you are such a special person and talented keep going and smile you deserve the happiness love you ❤️.

  • I suggest to but little lights in the bottles and make it a cut lamp, you can also paint on them you and Mateo and your girl together and have fun ❤️.

  • Man there are engineers struggling to make ends meet... and here she is... Pretty face... gets knocked up at 19 and living her life better than most of them in the comment section... What has world come to... lol

  • you can use the glass bottles as candle holders

  • Hey Jelian, try using a folding step stool for your bathroom troubles.

  • Save ur DEname money for ur son's future and education.

  • HI5 buddy! Nice video!

  • I'm from Bangladesh and I also have a nephew like Mateo....And I just loveeeeeeeeeeee mateo....He is damn cute

  • please go for the Sony zv1 vlogging camera the quality of it is freaking amazing

  • Q/A video with Val pleaaase

  • Did mateo already meet his baby dad?

  • Mateo is child goals >>>> lol

  • Matteo has such a good voice for singing I love it

  • Try a shopping vlog

  • If you had cabinet space at the very top it would be nice to put them at the top

  • Jel please can we get longer videos. Only 15 minutes 😩

  • what about father?

  • What causes dark circles in children is lacking vitamins not getting enough sleep or rubbing of the eyes your eyes are very sensitive my older brother was the same x Hope this helps

  • Mateo is the sweetest 🥺😍 Jelian what do you suggest for eyebrow growth?

  • Are you Indian🙄

  • You can use the wine bottles as a flower vase!!

  • you could use the bottles as flower vases :)

  • You know what’s wild when I was pregnant I went thru something pretty similar as she did so I loved watching her videos bc I was mostly alone all the time and I just wished my life was like hers she seemed to be doing pretty good, so when I had my son and I couldn’t decide on a name up until he was 4 days old when I was just like I’m gonna name him Mateo it’s the only name that ever sticked with me and the crazy thing is my son is 3 now and has literally the same hair as Mateo and he’s so sweet like Mateo and idk (oh and and even more weird thing my baby daddy looks very close to what her baby daddy looked like) I just thought that was pretty wild how she has no idea who I am but seeing her go thru life and seeing her grow made me happy. And one thing I always asked myself was how tf is she making money to support her self nd still get a lot of things that she wants, and I get that DEname helps her a lot but I know that’s not her main income like there’s no way and she never really says what’s her main income and I’m just dying to know bc I’ve been trying to chopped the duces up and go Mia and be happy far away & I’ve been so close to getting my own place I worked my fucking ass off but then the pandemic hit and killed everything I had. But still she doesn’t owe it to anyone to tell us how or what she makes I just was so curious 😭 but anyways girl your beautiful you glow keep being you bc in one way or another your cheering someone’s day like me and that’s beautiful god bless u 💜

  • Single mom? Y’all broke up? I’m confused lol

    • @Deeee_ sometimes people come across the wrong way online haha. I meant she has explained this already (meaning she backed up what i said) :)

    • @Cassidy Cara thanks for explaining. No need to be rude. Was just confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Single mom because she is Mateo's only parent. She has explained this already

  • You could use the bottles as vases

  • i wants a careing wife like you .

  • Use the bottles for some plants! :)

  • you can make them into drinking glasses!! i’ve seen heaps of tiktoks of them!! or even flower vase 👏🏽🤍

  • For the empty winebottle: put a thin candle in it, the wax will "drop" and it looks veeery cool. Greetings from Germany! 😋

  • I damn near died when she said I got haters all around me 😂😂😂😂

  • I think your gf judge you too much 😒... every video when she is judging every little thing you want to do...

  • you cannnnn put flowers in the wine bottles 😌😌

  • when i saw the title i was like oml im on my way

  • Everytime I hear Mateo talk I'm just so taken back on how well spoken, and kind and sweet person he is, I absolutely loveee his personality and how attentive he is to his you. Literally melts my heart

  • 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Please update us on the tea! I also have digestion problems 😭

  • put sand in them with shells

  • I remember watching the vlogs when you were pregnant with Mateo! He is so grown, polite and gorgeous! Good job girl

  • Could be love iron. I would try some iron pills and see if that helps. I used to have really bad dark circles under my eyes and it was due to low iron 🖤

  • Fun fact! Don’t let him rub his eyes or he’s going to need glasses in the future because it breaks down some bit in your eyes I don’t remember what but yeah!!

    • Cornea, but that’s only if it’s continuous rubbing & if your susceptible to the condition in the first place.

  • 4:36 That's me 24/7

  • My girl your skin is looking a lot better already!! I need to know your routine and workout and diet please

  • Who is valeria?Any one know?

  • You can use tge old bottles by putting fairy lights in them and use them as decoration .... hope my suggestion works 😊😊

  • I’m literary in love with you mr.gentleman yeah u mateo. So adorable 😘😘😘

  • OMG i love your filler it made your mouth look more natural and beautyful 🥰🥰🥺.

  • Use them for flowers

  • For empty bottles take off stickers and put food colored water in and fake flowers. Look up on pinterest, my sister did it and its so cute

  • Jillian what do u do for living?? I mean u r a single mom very young raising a sweet kid how do u manage money and family?!

  • Maybe you know that already and chose to not do it but just wanted to let you know that if you stop eating animal products you will go to the bathroom. Animal products mostly meat are in your gut for a long time but fruits, veggies and legumes digest so fast so you can go poop right away. Also when you have fruits and veggies and maybe rice or something, try to eat the fruits, veggies first and then the other things. I live a vegan lifestyle for a long time now but my bf just transitioned and he mentioned the pooo thing as well. When you go vegan trust me you poop a lot 😁

  • I know I am late to point this out but MATEO's name if reaarranged spells ...TE AMO....which means I love you ig....such a beautiful meaning behind it❤️❤️

  • Use as a vase

  • Use the wine bottles to grow plants! My mom does it and it works really well

  • Hey Jel..Pls make some challenge videos..

  • You can turn the wine bottles into glass cups for drinking out of and keep those. Alittle more justified. But also lobe the milk idea.

  • you can use the wine bottles has candle holders

  • You can put fairy lights inside the bottles or use them as drinking water dispensers.

  • What’s the tea called?😅 🫖

  • Hi Jelian ❤️ I have a suggestion for your camera u should get the canon M50 with the 11 to 22 millimeter lens and if your looking for a good microphone the rode mini mic is good to

  • tea has to be made in unique teapot and tea cup. If you make tea like this, it will taste very bad

  • I used to have dark circles as a kid now also I have it, don't worry it's the genetics... Also you can put fairy lights in the bottle

  • the dipping juice for the tacos is actually grease lol. So it’s the grease that the meat releases when it’s cooked which contains all the flavor. It’s called consomé. Definitely good but so fattening lol

  • Is it just me or does her girlfriend look like liddlenique

  • Hey Jelian can you put the link on where to buy the tea ? I would love to try it :)))

  • You can put flowers in the wine bottles!!

  • You should use them to put plants ! (The wine bottles)

  • january 18 was my b day

  • i have so much love for this family

  • La "Birria" es deliciosamente grasosa 😅 but it's so yummy

  • Please do a Spanish vlog with Mateo 😁💕

  • Omg this is literally me! I cut back on gluten a lot in my diet and started taking magnesium at night and it really helped!!

  • “They didn’t say welcome back to school🥺” mateo is literally the sweetest ever!!!! I can’t wait to have a baby boy😭💞