reorganizing my closet and spilling MAJOR tea

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  • In reference to the sperm donor, I’ve been watching your videos since Mateo was a newborn, and I can’t even remember his fathers name anymore 😴🤣 you’re an amazing mother and role model, that little champ will go far. He’ll never miss what he never had (the sperm donor). Sure he’ll ask questions as he gets older, but as long as he knows you always tried, that’s what matters

  • Such a cute couple❤❤❤❤

  • I've been watching since the veggies...and ugh yes the baby daddy, shit I remember him, but who gives a crap. she looks so fucking happy with Valeria. she genuinely has been happier and confident in her vlogs. they are mad cute together I love this

  • I’ve actually never seen Jelian as happy as she is now with Valeria

  • nice video ❤️❤️❤️,if you want, you can see my one

  • "Put it in rice"

  • I might not hear from you or anything but I got pregnant a little while after you, I watched you from the moment you started and I can relate so much! My sons father refuses to be in my sons life, he comes and goes, I ended up meeting someone new and we had a kid and my son absolutely adores my new man! I’m happy for you and Val! And Mateo is so cute and we ended up naming our baby Mateo lol

  • the way Val looks at Jelian is just pure love🥺

  • -propuesta indecente?😏 -banana papaya?😛

  • Where is your desk from? 😍

  • “We look so stupid” do you mean adorable? Happy? Heartwarmingly in love?

  • How old is Jelian??. Love her by the way

    • She’s 23

  • I love hearing all the support of others💕🙌🏻 I can relate so much.

  • the way they smile at each other

  • I wouldn't let him come back either a child's life isn't a game of Hop Scotch, u hopping in an out my child life like that hell naw

  • 11:05 is she ur girlfriend?! U called her significant other😃 i happy for you😘

  • Omg I love it! That's literally EXACTLY what my sisters, mom and I call their "dad". 😅🤷‍♀️👏

  • Girl I call my bio dad a sperm donor.

  • I missed something is the new girl her girl? Because they cute af! And I’m shipping it but I might be wrong

  • Hey Love you 😘

  • If you want you can put your clothes in color order so you can find things easier.

  • i will NEVER understand the thought process these deadbeat baby daddies have🤦🏽‍♀️sorry not sorry furthermore how are his parents in mateo’s life but not him...

  • where did she say sperm donor

  • Why u callin yo ex a ‘spermadonor’ 🤣🤣

  • Please do a 'Decorate with me' video for Christmas

  • I'm LIVING for the Val content


  • Fractures and breaks are the same thing, fracture is the medical term. People thing fracture is just a minor break and it’s not😂

  • You should totally do your next closet makeover with Keren

  • Hi I'm katy ping and I'm disabled with a liver transplant and can we be best friends

  • Yeah, your toe took a hard hit. ..i hurt for you when i saw that. Definitely not fun!. ..i think this is why while i dont think my feet are cute, im glad for short/stubby toes😁

  • don’t give him a chance! my brother’s dad was in and out of his life for a while and then came back when he was older and played with him and spent a lot of time with him but then he disappeared again and that messed with my brother’s mental health for a long time. Now he’s fine, my mum’s in a relationship that i hope last long bc the guy’s taking care of my brother as if he was his own.

  • Who is the other woman ?

  • omg when did you even hit 1 mil ?! You just had like 500k a couple months ago wth

  • You both need to get married asap🥰😍


  • so hard to watch you.... you keep having problem with your camera ....But Mateo is too cute🥰

  • Stop wasting your time with that loser. Don’t ever allow him to come in and out of Mateos life. When Mateo turns 18, he can decide if he wants to come in contact with him.

  • Mateo doesn’t deserve that poor baby at least he got a GREAT. Mommy thats loves him to death so proud of you ❤️

  • She cleans everything out so she could put more clothes back in lmfao.

  • I love you Jelian you are the biggest inspire when I make my DEname videos. It’s so weird I’ve never even met you but I LOVE your personality your parenting you are AMAZING! 💖

  • Do you still talk Lsa??

  • I’m organizing my sons closet with you☺️

  • Jelian .. deserves an award She FUNNy af

  • Was waiting for your video from last 2 weeks missed you lots of love

  • Jelian (n.); strong, independent mama who don't need a man. periodt. wishing you & val's many years of happiness & loveeee! ❤️

  • LMFAO, when Val said "just bang it" I lost my shit, thats how I fix everything, My husband always laughs at me, cause it WORKS! 🤣

  • You’re such a great mom and I personally think you’re handeling this situation with Mateo’s dad perfectly. I’m very inspired by how you always put Mateo first in your life, even though you’re very young ❤️

  • your cameras were not having this video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 😍😍

  • Is it Karen and Khoa who you don’t talk to? When she was getting married??

  • i was literally thinking what sperm donor what does that mean(while reading caption) ofc he is just a sperm donor doesn't deserve to called mateo's father


  • I use boxes as dividers in my drawers for organizing and for storing. I read about it in the book The life-changing magic or tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo.

  • The outro music scares me for some reason

  • Mateo and u have over 1 million people who love and care about u like family

  • Does anyone wonder how much Juan Carlos cared about Mateo n I know for a while he was still seeing Mateo do u think that still happens

  • I LOVE GINGER!!! she is always there for the tea, all up in jelian face. I think I'm gonna get me a ginger, I'm itchy for a dog and she is convincing me. Hahaha

  • It takes a strong woman to raise a man. And that you are!!

  • Love how you call him sperm donor. Thats also how me and my siblings refer to our dad. People that overhear it think its so strange but my step dad is my dad as far as I'm concerned as he never flakes on us. 100% confident Mateo will see you're doing the best to care for his mental and emotional health

  • lemme live in your closet

  • you really just don't want functioning toes/feet do you with dropping something on the other. 🤣

  • The videos not playing for me

  • cant view your video

  • OMG!!!! She is so in love with youuuu!!!!!

  • You're an amazing independent mother that's doing an amazing job for her child. Mateo and you have supports from many and that's all that matters. Btw, your outro of Mateo's bye ugly gets me every time.

  • “I have a kid to take care of, I have a dog to take care of” “AND ME” 🤣🤣

  • I think Jelians video can be an hr+ long and it still wont be enough for me lol. I love your videos and your content and im so happy to see you happy.

  • You’re an amazing mom 💕💕🙏🏼

  • Lmfaoooo dat was me when I found my invitation 😭🍵

  • I'm 20 and my dad is constantly in and out of my life. But you're doing a great job with mateo I can tell he's a great kid and you are doing an amazing job and the people you surround him with. Keep doing the best you can because he'll notice.

  • Literally can’t wait for the day I see valeria all dressed up, hair down and everything 💕😊 😂😂

    • Girlfriend does my makeover video!!!!

  • Valeria and Jelian are the funniest couple I swear lmao and what was Valeria doing with that broom lmaoo

  • Basically LISTEN TO YOUR MOM but no let’s download an APP !

  • Wow- I love you Jills- but this vlog really isn’t the type of quality I expect (content, headspace, planning)it was all over the place. It wasn’t even like a ‘messy’ ‘unplanned’ vlog but just like a bunch of clips smacked together. I know it’s easier said than done but... this was a disappointing vlog with you literally all over, and I know you dropped your camera, had a hurt toe but for someone with over a million subscribers; give us better vlogs! There surely should be a standard you upkeep?I know it’s hard- I adore you!

  • I haven’t watched you in so long... I come back and you have a girlfriend 😩

  • There was no notification of your video from DEname ...and I already have my bell icon notification thingy on from I don't even remember how long.

  • Why is no one talking about how valeria looks at her 9:37 10:11 loooooooveeee it

  • I don't understand how can he not be a daddy to his own kid...Even the videos don't make him long for his blood and Mateo's such a darling....Given a chance, I would parent this bright, loving kid.... Btw, you and Valeria make such a beautiful couple..May god bless all of you! Keep smiling...Keep posting more!

  • Jelian and Valeria are goals 😭❤️

  • You’re such a great mommy to your little boy!! Love ya!!! 💕

  • You two look so CUTE! I'm literally watching the video part where you both you have talk, have fun, look into each other's eyes! It's super romantic to see you both 😍🥰😍🥰

  • Don't be sorry for Mateo jelian because he have a strong mother and he will realize your power in a few years ...his father is the one who lose the most beautiful moments of his son! Don't ever talk to him again,u gave him a chance and he ruined the thing,again!

  • I have 0 respect for the sperm donor. My story with my dad was under different circumstances and it would have been unsave for us to see him but he also kept trying to come back in my life (in tje worst ways) and as soon as we opened up, he was gone again. No one should ever feel the way how that makes a child feel. F him. He will be the one broken by it in the end. Sending you an sweet Mateo all the love in this world❤ you're rocking it!!!:*

  • Wish I can meet jel in person such a people soul.. she really really inspires me and motivates me

  • Instead of changing your hangers, you could just make sure all the ones that match are in the same areas. It'll look much more organized like that.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sounds like my dad I remember him coming in and out of my life. He shows up here and there then disappears for months/years. It's weird cause I used to miss talking to him as a child and now I can care less

  • me sitting here with inflated ass lips from filler as mateo says bye ugly 👁👄👁

  • That’s what I called my daughter dad sperm donor . He’s also the same appears and he disappears. My daughter got used to it. Even when he appears she like him again uuuuffff 😴😴😴

  • Not any more single mom🤪 i like your vlogs D

  • Do not let Mateo's emotional stability be messed up by 'a father' who will definitely be going in and out his life...

  • You guys are THE CUTEST!!!!

  • Blessings to you & Mateo. Proud of you for allowing his grandma & greatgrandma on your ex side to be in Mateos life. 🙏🏽

  • She has a gf now??😳😳😳

  • Do u still talk to keren?

  • Yay I love closet clean outs 🥰💖

  • “My nana papaya” i was laughing with you guys 😭

  • Does Mateo still have a relationship with your ex? The one he called dad?

  • Treat zinger in a good way pllz she also wants ur love and loves u as mompllzz