she tried to expose me... (so I exposed myself)

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hey so... follow my depop and my instagram (both @jelian) I will be listing more things sooooon :)
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  • You and your gf are so cringe and it’s disgusting

  • "why are you looking at me.... when i'm not looking at you??" lol aw

  • Honestly, I accidentally reached this channel but I can tell you that, @Jelian Mercado you are an amazing person. I have watched all your videos till date and I feel so happy and proud to see such a strong woman! Lots of love and blessings dear🤩😍😘🥰

  • 5:09 Mateo has the most adorable double jointed elbows ever :)

  • who is she?

  • So are they dating or not? Why does she keep calling her best-friend? I’m soooo confused. Please some one clarify, thank you.

  • 8:35 💀

  • Omgg i haven't watch you almost 2 years and now you have a girlfriend + Matteo has grown uppp!! 🥺🧡 it's crazy

  • His Brazil 👕🥺🥺🥺

  • Com a blusa do Brasil❤❤

  • Is her sister living with her now?

  • trsut me they will be gfs in the future

  • Ele ta com a camiseta da seleção brasileira omgggg so cuteee😍😍/// he is with the brazilian t shirt omggg so cute Love from brazil jelly and mateo🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • Mateo is so cute when you bumped his little head and apologize he forgave you “it’s okay” omg my heart 🥺💗

  • I love the way your hair looks colored like that 🤩

  • I love the sharpie pens

  • I love you 🤍

  • Is the merch not for sale anymore? I can’t find it 😩 someone help

  • i just died with the brazilian shirt

  • How does someone flip like her 🤔 now she is a lesibian!!I feel so sorry for that kiddo

    • She didn’t flip, she literally made a video saying she was bi and how she was nervous to tell people, it’s not ur place to judge her at all, if she’s happy let her be happy

  • I just bought sharpie pens last night now I’m disappointed to used them. But what was the other pen you got

  • Haha when mateo was like “why were you looking at me when i was not looking at you” 😂😂😂😂

  • Why do you ignore ginger and talk to her that way?

  • Y OT INFINIT lmao Mateo

  • I wonder if Matteos dad still involved like text or calls to ask about Matteo unless he’s completely not interested either way he has an amazing mum and her amazing girlfriend

  • Awn Mateo with a tiny Brazil shirt 🇧🇷 loved that

  • I love your hair braided

  • Ooh what’s val studying

  • we need more mateo time 🥺

  • you're happy energy has been RADIATING in your videos recently and I am a Stan

  • Mateo: why are you looking at me when i was not looking at you

  • Yellow is sus

  • literally I will never not refer to masks as “maskies” now bc of mateo 🥺


  • Okayyy but Jel looks so happy with Val 🥺

  • No one: Mateo: the taco is disgusting 😂

  • Mateo with Brazil t-shirt ❤ Brazilian fan here!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Hey jelian♥️love you from Egypt♥️ I started following you when you were pregnant I will be happy if you noticed my comment🥺♥️♥️♥️

  • Hey, you are beautiful and so is your hair. But you need to follow the curly girl method, it will surely benefit you. Your hair is amazing

  • My insperation❤❤❤


  • Mateo with the brazilian soccer shirt is everything to me🥺💗

  • oh, the Brasil shirt!!! so cute

  • i love mateo's shirt 🇧🇷 teehee

  • jel i love watching your videos while i do the dishes bc it makes me not bored LMAO

  • "i got it baby girl, dont worry"

  • Missed Mateo already!!! U too Jelian.. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • i'm brazilian and i noticed mateo's tshirt!!!

  • I use that CeraVe Healing ointment for my lips too and once I take off my mask its all over my chin, it looks as if I just had a rack of ribs HAHA 🤣

  • You and your videos always make me happy you are such a special person and talented keep going and smile you deserve the happiness 💕❤️💕❤️ be you , we love you so much .

  • Omg Mariana is baaaaaack 🤩😍😍🥰

  • “How’s the chocolate” Today (Mateo) : mhmm good Tomorrow: your chocolate is disgusting 🤣🤣

  • It’s the ✨YOT INFINIT✨ for me 🤗

  • Its not a video by Jelian if she does not mention what a mess her closet is and how she needs to clean it lolololol


  • The hamsters and guinea pigs were so adorable! Just wanted to let you know that the hamster with the bloated backside may have an illness.

  • You had a muscle spasm after gym because you pulled a muscle

  • You and Mateo's relationship is 🥰

  • Tell Mariana to get her butt back on yt!!

  • My mother’s documentations 😹😹😹😹

  • Mateo is literally the most precious small human I've ever seen 💖 💓 he's so sweet and so well spoken its so adorable.

  • I saw you at miu's tea on Saturday night but I was too scared to say hello, so I didn't, and now I'm so sad about it. ❤🥲

  • Loving all these videos!

  • The chocolate was disgusting 😂😂😭❤️

  • how did he do with the covid test?

  • Try making your protein shakes in a blender. It is a game changer. Those shaker bottles don't work in my experience. Chunky protein shakes are gross.

  • wtf i watched your videos like 2 years ago the last time you have over 1mio subscribers????? CANT BELIEVE

  • i got so happy for you when you said that you’re in a better place now and that you’re happy !! i’m so proud of you ily

  • anyone got tips on how i can grow my youtube channel? 🥺🥺

  • Loads of love from India Jelian♥️ can u please share healthy eating recipes which u eat as u r gymming ? Or recipes even if unhealthy😅 i dont know just feel watching these so a humble request...again love to u♥️

  • The fact that Mateo recognized that you’re wearing new earrings 😱😍😍

  • damn i’m supposed to do my homework but my back hurts too 🙁

  • She tried to wait till the last second to sneak in "Jelibeans !" We heard it!! and now that you've given it to us ... Can you really take it away 🤔😂😂 love you guys 👋🏾


  • Gurl yo rocking on dt BANDANA😍😍

  • U r soooooo happy wid her..m happy fr ya

  • U deserve a good guy...and have more kids...and be happy with mateo

  • Val is so pretty and funny. 😋💓

    • My daughter is the same! She notices every single thing. Yesterday my father in law cut the grass and we she got home she was like ‘mommy who cut the grass. Who was here at the house’ 😂😂

  • 14:32 Mateo: "the tacos disgusting.." 😂😂😂❤

    • i think he's talking about the dark chocolate😂😂 " the chocolate is disgusting "is what I heard

  • Been subscribed since the very beginning, The effort you’ve been putting in to posting these consistent and very much entertaining vlogs will never go unnoticed. Seeing your and mateos growth is always a reason to watch. I always check DEname daily to see if you’ve uploaded❤️ so happy your happy now, keep up the great work Jelian!

  • Honestly, I don't wanna see you with her. You and baby Mateo deserve a good guy.

  • to this day mateo talking shakes me sm😩

  • Matteo can stop saying bye ugly

  • The way he says “that chocolate was disgusting “ so cute ❤️

  • Big boy ....and he says its okay!!

  • please send me some of the clothes you don't need!!!! I love your style

  • You should a makeup routine video 🤩✨

  • Mateo is such a cutie pie 🥰

  • Please don't be like salice rose and have a new gf every 3 months and a rew house every 4 months..who else thinks so??

  • I've been loving the vlogs lately, you seem genuinely happy and like you're having fun and enjoying life which makes me really happy. Thanks for all the videos, now I have a breakfast buddy😜

  • Veo tus videos aunque lo entienda absolutamente nada jajajaj pero me encanta

  • Pon subtítulos en español porfiii

  • What is Val studying for? I’m all for education lol

  • Aww your son looks like my son and his name is Mateo too curly hair and all awww

  • You seem like the coolest most caring mum. I’d love to be mum as chill and sweet as you are when I have kids of my own someday ❤️

  • jelian has been trying to organize her closet since 2018 😂❤️

  • I stared laughing when i saw matteo showing the middle finger lmao 4:22 he so cute 🥺😂

  • Yasss... Loving the consistency 😊

  • YASSS MARIANA yalls vlogs together would always make me laugh 😭

  • Me: omg her hair looks so cute heerrrreeeee Jelian: I tried something new with my hair but we are not vibing